Conversion Kits:

Conversion Kits: Retail
Model 206-LIK $ 107.00
Kit includes: Body extension 206-L3, Ni-Cad battery, 206-L10, smart charger 206C and AC or DC adapter. (specify adapter).
Model 206-XK $30.00
Kit includes: Body extension with charging band and extended Ni-Cad battery 206-10A.

Flashlights ordered separately:

Descriptions Retail
Model 306-RF Flashlight
Flashlight and battery only - no charger
Model 206-RFX-Flashlight
Flashlight and battery - no charger
Model 206-RF-Flashlight
Flashlight and battery - no charger
Model 206-Li-Flashlight
Flashlight and two Lithium batteries
Model 103-AA-Flashlight
Flashlight and two batteries

Accessories ordered separately for the 206 & 306 light series:

Descriptions Retail

Model 206-L8 - 3 spare bulb packages
Model 306-L8 - 2 pare bulb packages


Model 206-A1
Model 306-A1
Head cap with customers logo lazer etched


Personal engraving of names or logo's available on lens caps.

Descriptions Retail
Model 306-10-A
Ni-Cad rechargeable battery
Model 206-10-A
Short Ni-Cad rechargeable battery
Model 206-10-B
Extended Ni-Cad rechargeable battery
Model 206-11-A
2 pack of lithium batteries

Descriptions Retail
Model 206C or 306C + Adapter model #
2 Hour Smart Charger - Specify adapter required
Model 13-A 12 Volt DC Adapter $22.60
Model 14-B 120 Volt AC 60Hz. Adapter $15.50
Model 15-B 230 Volt AC 50Hz. Adapter $17.50
Model 14-B 240 Volt AC 50Hz. Adapter $18.50

Filters: SunBrite light filters come in an array of colors as seen. Red, Blue, Yellow, Clear Frost and Infra-Red. The red filter is good for penetrating smoke or dust at night. Also good for reading maps in an airplane or keeping a low profile in darkness. The blue light is used by criminologist and forensic investigators. Clear Frost is used to disperse the SunBrite beam into a focused flood beam. Then the Infra-Red lens is used with night version equipment.

Description Retail
Model 206-A3
Infra-red lens filter with rubber lens holder
Model 306-A3
Infra-red lens filter with rubber lens holder
Model 206-17-B
Colored lens filters with rubber lens holder each
(Red, Blue, Yellow & White Frost)
Model 306-17-B
Colored lens filters with rubber lens holder each
(Red, Blue, Yellow & White Frost)

Traffic Cones:

SunBrite Traffic Cones come in a variety of translucent safety colors such as Orange, White and Safety Green. They provide a highly visible light stick for directing traffic or other signaling tasks.

Descriptions Retail
Model 206-A5-add color
Orange, Green or White Safety Cone each.
Model 306-A5-add color
Orange, Green or White Safety Cone each.


SunBrite has an assortment of Holsters. Nylon, Leather Plain and Leather Basket Weave


Model 306-18-B
Holster-Nylon closed for 306 -L only
Model 306-19-B
Holster-Plain leather open for 306-L only
$ 22.90
Model 306-20-B
Holster-Basket weave leather open 306-L
$ 24.25
Model 206-18A
Holster-Nylon closed for Lithium only
$ 24.50
Model 206-18-B
Holster-Nylon closed for 206-L only
$ 24.50
Model 206-19A
Holster-Plain leather open for Lithium only
$ 20.00
Model 206-19-B
Holster-Plain leather open for 206-L only
$ 20.00
Model 206-20B
Holster-Basket weave leather open for Lithium only
$ 21.60
Model 206-20-B
Holster-Basket weave leather open 206-L
$ 20.00


Tactical switches:

206-T1 or 206-T2. Allow the 206-Li to be remotely turned on and off from the grips of a hand gun, rifle or shot gun with the use of the Tactical Switch.

Model 206-TSH
Tactical switch for hand gun
$ 37.00
Model 206-TSR
Tactical switch for rifle
$ 44.00